Some of our most popular dishes

8.0  Mix Veggie

8.0 Mix Veggie

6 small veg dishes from menu 8.1 - 8.6

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1.3  Hummus

1.3 Hummus

Hummus with bread

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3.1  Special Dereq Tbsi

3.1 Special Dereq Tbsi

Sauteed beef with tomatoes, pepper & onion

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3.2  Special Ktfo

3.2 Special Ktfo

Minced beef, spiced butter, cheese & spinach

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4.1  Asa Alcha

4.1 Asa Alcha

Mild spiced fried fish

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5.2  Derho Tsebhi

5.2 Derho Tsebhi

Hot spiced chicken with boiled egg

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6.2  Keyh Qlwa

6.2 Keyh Qlwa

Hot spiced fried lamb

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7.4  Quanta Ft Ft

7.4 Quanta Ft Ft

Dried beef stew mixed with injera

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Traditional Coffee

Traditional Coffee

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